• Dwight Dubowits

Don't Fall Short on Your Web Page

Is your page too short? Think of your web page as a sales pitch, a conversation with your potential customer. You wouldn't cut your conversation short or stop answering your customer's questions would you? That is what a short page can sometimes do.

Your page should be scannable, so the answers to the questions your customers are asking are easy to find. They should also be engaging so your customer WANTS to keep scrolling and their interest is piqued enough to keep looking. Your page should be filled with enough relevant information to answer the questions you expect a customer would ask.

Of course the content of each page should be related or flow well - don't try to stuff too much random content into one page. That would be akin to a conversation that jumps around and a customer can't follow.

In essence, an informative page should mimic an in-person conversation you would expect to have with a prospective client.

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