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Follow the Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy - Concept Web Design

Do you follow the visual hierarchy? It's an important concept when designing a website. The laws of visual hierarchy state that the arrangement, size, colour and contrast of visual elements will determine the order in which they are seen by the human eye.

On a website, consider the size, position on the page, colour, format and relative position to other elements when creating things like text, icons or video.

Size: large text has a higher visual prominence than smaller text and will be "noticed" first

Position on Page: elements at the top of the page are more likely to be ranked higher in importance

Colour: bold colours or those with high contrast compared to their background have higher visual prominence than soft colours or those with low contrast

Format: the most visually prominent format for obvious reasons are those with movement or video, followed by static images and icons and finally, text

Relative Position: visual elements surrounded by white space stand out and are ranked higher than those lost in clutter. Use the white space!

These are great tips, but putting them into practice and considering them all at once takes time. Need a little help? We can do that!

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