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Is Your Website Driving Customers Away?

Is your website not attracting the customers you hoped it would? Here are a few things to watch out for that may be driving your potential customers away:

1. Automatic ads, pop-ups and videos - they are annoying. We get the need to sponsor your site, but there are less obnoxious ways to do it. Chances are an ad is blocking content you want customers to read. Videos are distracting and all these auto-play options tend to slow down your website. Customers tend to get annoyed at having to close windows before they can access their desired content and are more likely to leave the page than to persevere and wade through the ads.

2. Too many frills - sure your website may look great, but is it a major distraction? Is there too much media or eye-catching content? Enough that a customer might forget why there are there? Take your content down to the necessaries.

3. No call to action - why are the customers visiting your site? To email you? To phone you? To buy something? To find out where your store is? Whatever it is, be sure there is a clear way for them to do so. For example, have a phone number or email address clearly displayed in the header of your page or have a button that shows customers where to go to "BUY NOW".

4. No social media links - social media business and marketing is a standard now these days. In fact, many businesses are searched via social media rather than strictly through a search engine. Customers may be looking for a way to instant message you or browse your most recent deals or activities. If there are no links to social media, they may assume you don't have any and are outdated.

5. Poorly written content - if your content is poorly written filled with confusing sentences, grammatical and spelling errors people will assume you put the same amount of effort into your product or service. Spending the extra time on proof-reading is well worth it!

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