• Dwight Dubowits

Make Your Website Visitors Feel Smart

You might know what all these words mean, but do your website visitors? We've spoken about the beauty of simplicity before, and this is especially true when it comes to the text on your site.

While big words may make YOU look or feel smart, it's not having the same effect for your website visitors. In fact, even if a reader is familiar with a word, but has to pause to remind their self what it means you have actually lost brownie points with a potential client.

If something is difficult to read, then our subconscious ranks it as riskier and the text (i.e. your website) becomes less trustworthy. In short, make it easy for your site visitors to read in every way possible. Use clear, concise language without all the fluff. In doing so, you are actually opening yourself up to a greater number of potential clients without (unintentionally) discriminating against those with a lower literacy level.

This applies to technical jargon as well. Be sure that 100% of your visitors can understand what it is you're saying.

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