• Dwight Dubowits

To Slide or Not to Slide

Slider galleries and rotating galleries were a big thing when they first came out. The concept is great: maximize the images you display without using too much space. In reality, we've learned we're not actually getting the most bang for our buck, and here's why:

- When a user gets to your page, they are scanning for the information they want and need. An image will get their attention, yes but it is meant to draw them to the right place, not hold it there.

- Most users will only see the first image and then move on.

- Some will assume this set of sliders is an advertisement and just ignore it. This can be especially problematic when you combine your call to action with a slide that is anything but the first.

- Sliders slow down your load time.

- Sliders don't work as well on mobile devices.

Instead, use a feature image and change it up every once in a while. It keeps your page fresh. If you need to display multiple images, you can stack them, but be aware of clutter. Alternatively, you can also switch to a short, looped video (again, be aware of video size so that it doesn't negatively affect your site's load time). Cinemagraphs are also effective and very visually stimulating.

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