• Dwight Dubowits

Using Descriptive Headlines to Your Advantage

When you first land on a new website, what's the first thing you ask yourself? Most likely, it's something along the lines of: Is this where I'm supposed to be? What do these people do?

That's where your descriptive headline takes the reigns. It is the first place your guests will look to for information - are they in the right place? What does this business do?

It is also one of the first places bots will look when indexing your site. Your descriptive headline is a great place to stuff searchable keywords that will help increase your rankings.

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing a headline is to make it witty and catchy. Yes, this is great for advertising but not so great for telling your potential clientele what it is you can do for them. Always err on the side of clear and concise, rather than clever but vague.

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