• Dwight Dubowits

Web Design Trends We DON'T Love

Last week we highlighted some of the best web design trends, but we thought it worth while mentioning some of our least favourite too...

1. Excessive pop-ups: this includes advertising, chat windows, surveys, product features - the thought behind the pop-up is a good one, it draws the user's attention to a particular feature but when used in excess it becomes extremely obnoxious, decreases load time and often leads to the user either frantically searching for the "skip" button or just ditching the site altogether.

2. Flash: Flash is excellent technology that is unfortunately not compatible with all operating systems. While the feature is a good one when usable, what is the point in an eye-catching feature that eliminates a portion of your audience.

3. Background music: Ever navigated to a website while the house is quiet and sleeping, only to get blasted with music from said website? Not cool.

4. Desktop hamburger menus: hamburger menus are a necessary modification for mobile sites as they are limited in space. Desktops don't generally have these limitations and users have to take an extra step to find where they want tot go. Making your user work harder to find what they want is not generally advisable in the web design world.

5. Social media feeds: Posting social media links is great, but posting the feed itself is a waste of space and in our experience, often creates duplicate material since social media content is often used to promote the website as it is. Use your space wisely.

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